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Cuvis Robotic Arm

“The Future” Welcomes You Towards Freedom Of An Active Lifestyle”

Cuvis Joint Robotic System is the most advanced surgical cutting edge robotic technology supporting surgeons with Personalised Preplanning and Precise Cutting for predictable and consistent results.

During Cuvis Joint Robot total knee replacement, surgeons use computed tomography (CT) scans to build a 3D model of the patient’s knee. With that virtual model as guide, the surgeon then uses the robotic arm to make accurate bone cuts and insert the knee components precisely.

How Cuvis Joint works?

Personalised pre-planning:- Patient’s joints 3D images are used by the doctor for pre-planning of the surgery personalized to the patient.

Pre-selection and precise insertion of artificial joint:- The doctor uses the robot to select an artificial joint for the patient and insert it

Precise cutting for accuracy and optimum alignment:- Robot reviews the data and cuts the bone precisely with respect to the dimensions of the implant decided during pre-surgery planning stage.

How does Cuvis Joint knee replacement surgery benefits patient?

The advantages of the Cuvis Joint system were mainly attributed to its comprehensive pre-operative plan, intra-operative monitoring, patientspecific and appropriate intervention by surgeons.

The precision of Cuvis Joint Robot system surgery allows for:

  • More accurate implant placement results in a more natural feeling after surgery.
  • Reduced risk of injury to adjacent tissues results in improved safety and reduced risk of infection
  • Lower blood loss and smaller incisions, help in quicker recovery and less pain.
  • Early Rehabilitation, decreased admission time and early discharge from Hospital.
  • The potential for better long-term function
  • Better implant survivorship and longevity
  • Improved Quality of life