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CAS vs First Gen. Surgeon Assisted Robotic Knee V/s Fully Automatic Cuvis Knee

Gone are the days when surgeries meant excessive blood loss and damage to the bones. But when Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery was not launched, people then had to suffer tough times and had to go through unbearable pains and blood loss. Unfortunately, they had no other option to get rid of knee problems and so they had to resort to the conventional method of knee replacement. With an aim to create awareness about the sea change which Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery has brought, here we will shed some light upon the differences between the conventional and robotic-assisted surgery.

Conventional Knee Replacement Surgery

Conventional or popularly known as the Traditional method of knee replacement is a method which has been in existence for the last many decades. Here the surgeon operates the knee by making an incision of 8 to 12 inches using the standard tools and equipment. Many people have benefited from this surgery and are able to live a life without such problems. Traditional surgery started a revolution in the medical sector and was very well received by the society. But with research and development in this sector, new forms of surgery have come up to benefit the patients in a more easy and effective way. Such surgeries are one step ahead of the traditional method of knee replacement surgery. Basically, these surgeries can be treated as the roots of the same tree with modern features as additional benefits.

Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

1. Blood loss is minimal
This gives patients an assurance of bouncing back to their normal routine in the most effective way and in the quickest way possible. And when the blood loss is minimal, it gives more energy and strength to the patient to get back to his normal life.

2. No damage to the bones
It only targets the bones which need treatment and that too with a great precision. This saves the bones from any damage and helps a person experience a natural feeling in his daily activities.

3. The reliability rate is very high
Persons who have undergone this surgery are very much satisfied with the results and are able to feel the difference between their previous condition and present condition.

4. The Robot – Assisted hand piece is tried and tested at various stages
It is clinically proven that there are no harmful effects of this surgery. This further makes it the first choice of doctors as well as patients.

5. Fast recovery
This surgery ensures fast recovery of the patients since it is done with maximum precision which demands less time from the patients for their recovery.

6. Combination of surgeon’s expertise and robot’s precision
This surgery is not totally dependent either on the surgeon or on the robotically- assisted handpiece. It offers the benefits of a mix of surgeon’s expertise and robot’s precision which makes it more effective and beneficial for the patients. This surgery has done wonders for the patients who had given up and had lost hope to walk freely without any pain or any other problem in their knees. The awareness about this technique is very high which has created realization among the people about the importance of such treatment and how it is helping the community to live a life full of freedom.