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First 3rd Generation Automated Robotic Arm Joint Replacement surgery centre opens in Mumbai.

First Bilateral Automated Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery at Aditi Hospital, Mumbai
December 24, 2021
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August 27, 2022
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First 3rd Generation Automated Robotic Arm Joint Replacement surgery centre opens in Mumbai.

First 3rd Generation Automated Robotic Arm Joint Replacement surgery centre opens in Mumbai.

Aditi Hospital under the leadership of orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Shailendra Patil has becomes the first centre in Mumbai to introduce a 3rd generation Automated Robotic Arm Joint Replacement surgery centre opens in Mumbai. CUVIS robotic system. Which happens to be the most advanced robotic joint replacement system in Mumbai as on today. Also referred to as the “True automated Orthopaedic Robot” as it gives pre-operative precise planning & also works to sub-millimetre precision in the Operation Theatre under the orthopaedics expert Hands.

Knee replacement surgery has become very common among old arthritic knee patients in Mumbai and India. However, little do people know that even under the best orthopaedics, 10-20 % patients still don’t get the desired relief post-surgery. Given how advanced the implants have become, most of the times it is the human limitation of aligning the implant, which is considered to be the primary reason for patients not getting the natural feel post joint replacement surgery. Recent studies have shown that use of ROBOTIC’s in joint replacement surgery is eliminating these limitations and given excellent end results.

Most people who have undergone knee replacement surgery or are planning for one, are often, concerned with the longevity of surgery and implants used,, with the assumption that a good knee implant will give better comfort and last longer. However, opting for a good knee implant is only half the story, the precision with which the knee implant is aligned is key to longer durability and comfort. Advanced joint Robot systems are known to provide this level of precision.

Dr. Shailendra Patil, a leading orthopaedic surgeon with over 12 years of experience in Mumbai, tells us that by introducing this CUVIS robot system he is able to provide precision to the level of sub-millimeter when installing the knee implant. This is nearly impossible for humans to achieve.

This results in much more natural feeling to the patient, reduces degradation of knee implant, which in turn increases the life of the implant while giving the patient a more comfortable and natural knee feeling and happy life. It also reduces blood loss during the surgery. Post-surgery most patients can go home in-just 2-3. The recovery time post-surgery is faster and requires less time and physiotherapy in most patients Post surgery most patients can start walking with support in 24-18 hrs and can go about their daily chores like going to the washroom, etc in a few days’ time.Dr. Patil says that the robotic system gives the best result when coupled with golden knee implants. Which happens to be the best knee implant available today. This implant has a Titanium-Nitride/Zirconium nitride coating which makes it more durable and last almost 2-3 times longer than regular implants. It causes less reaction with the body, making it ideal for patients who have metal allergies. Dr. Patil suggests this implant to most of his patients and has seen excellent results in patients who opted for Golden Knee Replacement. He believes that the durability and comfort offered by Golden knee implant, coupled with the precision of the robotic technique will give outcomes like never before.

Very soon the CUVIS system will also be used for hip replacement and partial knee replacement surgery. Dr. Patil already offers the revolutionary anatomical hip replacement surgery ideal for patients in their early twenties. When installed with the precision of a robotic system patients can see improved quality of life and longer life for these implants. Giving patients peace of mind and happy pain-free life for a long time, is what every orthopaedic like Dr. Patil strives to achieve.
Under Dr. Shailendra Patil’s leadership Aditi Hospital, Mulund is transforming into a super-speciality hospital with state-of-the-art facilities like Robotic Joint replacement. CAT Scan and more can provide the utmost care and excellence in medical care to the people of Mumbai.

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